Specialist in the production of photovoltaic tape for Back-Contact solar cell


In modern photovoltaic technology, Back-Contact solar cells have emerged as an important trend in the field of solar power generation. This type of photovoltaic cell is characterised by the fact that the backside is covered with solar cells, which results in a higher photovoltaic conversion efficiency. However, the manufacturing process of Back-Contact solar cells requires a PV ribbon, which is where Raytron comes into play.

Why choose Raytron?

Raytron has long been an expert in the production of calendered flat wire, and we have a wealth of experience and technical excellence in the manufacture of PV ribbon. The PV ribbon is a critical component in the manufacture of Back-Contact solar cells, connecting the cells and conducting current, so it needs to have excellent conductivity and durability.

Our Advantages

Superior Quality: Raytron’s PV ribbons undergo stringent quality control to ensure that each ribbon is of superior quality. We use high-quality materials to ensure that the conductivity of the ribbon is consistent.

Variety of Products: No matter what kind of PV ribbon you need, we can meet your needs. We offer a wide range of specifications and sizes to meet different types of Back-Contact solar cell manufacturing.

Customisation capabilities: If you have special requirements, we can customise the PV ribbon to your specifications to ensure it is exactly what you need.

Reliable Delivery: We are known for our timely and reliable deliveries, ensuring that your production schedule is not disrupted.

Exceptional customer service: We are committed to customer satisfaction and provide exceptional support and service to our customers.

Worker in the debugging photovoltaic ribbon production equipment
Worker in the debugging photovoltaic ribbon production equipment

The future of Back-Contact solar cells

Back-Contact solar cells represent the future of photovoltaic technology. Their high efficiency and superior performance make them a popular choice for solar power generation. As a key component in the manufacture of Back-Contact solar cells, PV ribbons must have a high level of quality and reliability, which is where Raytron comes in.

Whether you are a manufacturer of Back-Contact solar cells or a PV cell assembler, partnering with Raytron is the right choice for superior Back-Contact solar cell manufacturing. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality PV ribbon to help you succeed in the solar power market. Choose Raytron, choose excellence.

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