Pv Ribbon Material Supply


The cost of pv ribbon is closely related to the price of non-ferrous metals such as copper and tin. Taking RAYTRON as an example, our company’s main production costs are direct material costs, manufacturing costs, labor costs and transportation costs, of which direct material costs account for the highest proportion, accounting for more than 90%.

The direct material cost is dominated by copper procurement, which accounts for 70.93%, tin alloy cost accounts for 28.91%, and flux cost is very low, accounting for 0.16%.

Copper is an important part of the surface coating of pv ribbon, which mainly plays the role of conductive.

Different specifications of copper in the base material, the requirements of the specifications of the precise size, good conductivity, with a certain degree of strength. The higher the purity of the copper, the lower the resistivity, the greater the carrying capacity, the better the plasticity, so the copper substrate of pv ribbon is generally high purity oxygen-free copper.

Pv Ribbon Material Supply
Pv Ribbon Material Supply

The copper substrate of pv ribbon is usually secondary oxygen-free copper (according to the oxygen content and impurity content), with a purity of 99.95%, an oxygen content of no more than 0.003%, and a total impurity content of no more than 0.05%.

Tin alloy is mainly used for surface coating of pv ribbon.

The surface coating can be applied by special processes such as electroplating, vacuum deposition, spraying or hot-dip plating, in which tin alloy and other coating materials are uniformly wrapped around the copper base material according to a certain composition ratio and thickness.

Tin alloy products are non-ferrous metal alloy products with tin as the base and other alloying elements such as lead, antimony, copper, etc. added. They have a low melting point and good ductility.

Since the copper base material itself does not have good solderability, the main role of the tin alloy layer is to make the PV tape meet the solderability and firmly weld the PV tape to the main grid line of the battery, thus exerting good current conductivity.

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