Raytron’s PV ribbon: Lighting the way to the future of BC cells


With the rapid development of photovoltaic technology, it is leading the future of the solar industry. The high efficiency and aesthetics of back-contact cells are making them very popular, and the Raytron PV ribbon, a key component of back-contact cells, is providing solid support for their successful development.

The perfect combination of the back contact cell and the Raytron PV ribbon:

The core feature of back-contact cells is the cross-arrangement of the electrode grid on the back of the cell, which removes the visible cell grid lines from the front, improving aesthetics and performance. To achieve this structure, a high-quality PV ribbon is essential, and the Raytron PV ribbon is ideal for this task. Our PV ribbons not only provide efficient soldering, but also guarantee reliability and stability, providing a solid guarantee of high performance for back-contact cells.

High-performance welding:

Precise welding is crucial in back contact cell manufacturing, and the Raytron PV ribbon uses the latest technology to ensure high-performance welding, helping back contact cells achieve outstanding performance during production.

BC cells
BC cells


Raytron is committed to environmental protection and sustainability, which is why our PV ribbon utilises an environmentally friendly production process that reduces environmental impact. This complements the sustainability goals of back-contact cells and together they drive a clean energy future.

Highly adaptable:

Regardless of your back contact cell manufacturing process, Raytron PV ribbon is highly adaptable. We offer a wide range of ribbon sizes and types to meet the needs of different manufacturing processes.

The light of the future:

Back-contact cells represent the future of solar photovoltaics, and the Raytron PV ribbon is part of that future. We believe that by working together, we can light the way to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Back contact batteries are the light of tomorrow, and the Raytron PV ribbon will always be with them. Whether you are a back contact cell manufacturer or a PV system integrator, the Raytron PV ribbon is your trusted partner for a more efficient and sustainable energy future. Together, let’s lead the solar PV revolution and create a brighter tomorrow.

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