Raytron PV ribbon: A welding tool for BC PV cell manufacturing


As the renewable energy industry booms, so does solar cell technology, and Back Contact solar cell technology, an innovation in solar cells, is leading the energy revolution of the future. As soldering is a key component in the manufacturing of Back Contact solar cells, Raytron is proud to announce that our PV ribbon products are the perfect soldering tool for Back Contact solar cell manufacturing, bringing superior performance to the solar industry.

Designed for Back Contact solar cells:

Raytron’s PV ribbon is specifically designed for the unique requirements of Back Contact solar cells. We understand the complexity of Back Contact solar cells and have developed special ribbons to ensure a reliable and efficient soldering process. This means you can rely on Raytron’s welding solutions for Back Contact solar cell manufacturing.

Superior performance:

Our PV ribbon products are known for their superior performance. Whether it’s electrical conductivity, thermal stability or weathering resistance, Raytron’s PV ribbon is at the forefront of the industry. This ensures that Back Contact solar cells perform well in a variety of environmental conditions and maintain excellent power conversion efficiency.

Raytron PV ribbon
Raytron PV ribbon

Sustainable Manufacturing:

Raytron is committed to sustainable manufacturing and our PV ribbon products meet strict environmental standards. This means you can choose our products to contribute to solar cell manufacturing while meeting environmental regulations.

Wide range of applications:

Raytron’s PV ribbon products are not only used in Back Contact solar cell manufacturing, but also in a wide range of residential solar panels, commercial solar power plants and other renewable energy projects. Whether it’s a small or large application, Raytron has a superior welding solution for you.

Raytron is with the future:

Raytron’s PV ribbon is ideal for Back Contact solar cell fabrication. Our specialised welding solutions, superior performance, sustainable manufacturing and wide range of applications set us apart in the PV industry. If you are looking for a best-in-class Back Contact solar cell welding solution, Raytron is the right partner for you. Together, we can build a future for clean energy.

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