What is the standard of aging resistance of Solar Ribbon


People are shopping for Solar Ribbon. I don’t know what is the standard of aging resistance of Solar Ribbon. But when you buy Solar Ribbon, aging resistance is a particularly important indicator. How to test the aging resistance of Solar Ribbon? The following is the industry standard of China Photovoltaic Industry Association. You can choose products according to the standard.

The test environment should meet the following requirements:

–Temperature: 15°C to 35°C;

–Relative humidity: ≤75%;

–Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa.

Take 3 pieces of tin-coated soldering tapes with a length of 200mm±2mm as specimens and corresponding sizes of glass, backing plate and EVA film. Stack them in the order of backsheet, EVA film, tinned tape, EVA film and glass. In the laminating machine according to the process parameters can make the EVA crosslinking degree greater than 80% of the laminated package. It should be ensured that the distance between the edge of the tinned tape and the edge of the encapsulated material after encapsulation is greater than or equal to 50mm.

Place the specimens without pretreatment at room temperature in a climatic chamber.

Test under the following severe conditions:

a) Test temperature: 85°C ± 2°C

b) Relative humidity: 85% ± 5%

c) Test time: 1000h

If visible water vapour intrusion is found on the sides after the test. Then the test is invalid.

Conduct the test as specified above. After the test. There is no obvious yellowing or blackening of the colour from 10mm from both sides of the welding strip.

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